Latest Technologies of 2017

Latest Technologies:
  Jet pack technology:

Jet pack international are making jet packs. They are making striders in technology . These are H202 and H202-Z jetpacks. They are hydrogen peroxide fueled jetpacks. These jetpacks allow 
  1. users to fly at a maximum height of  250 feet.
  2. users to fly at upto 77 miles per hour.
  3. It is capable of to travel 3300 feet.
  4. It is currently available. If you want this jetpack you have to pay $100,000.

 Aerofex Aero-X:
It is a star war speeder bike. It is powered by water-cooled 240 horsepower engine
  1. Its speed is upto 45 miles per hour.
  2. It can hover at an altitude of 12 feet.
  3. It can carry 310 pounds weight.

               It has two rotors. The coupling effect due to these rotors is dangerous so company claim to overcome this effect. They are ensuring that Aero-X safe and easy to control. This speeder bike is currently available for refundable $500 deposit and will be available in 2017 at the price of $85000.

 Super Maglev Train:
China and Japan have very fast Maglev Train. China been looking into the next phase. This Maglev Train is capable of reaching  over 260 miles per hour but they want to made Super Maglev Train which will be even faster than this train. Technologies of Maglev and Super Maglev train are almost same. The difference between them is that Super Maglev Train is encapsulated in the vacuum tube.

  1. It further reduces the air.
  2. Allowing for higher.                           
  3. Mind-boggling speed.

               Researchers claim that the encapsulation of train in this vacuum tube is used to boost the speed upto 1800 miles per hour. It is enough difficult job to construct a long vacuum tube but if scientists and engineers can figure that out. We will be able to cover large distances safer and easier.

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