Stylish shoes which girls desires to wear in 2016

          It is an item of footwear to protect your foot from the harsh outdoor environment while doing some activities. It is an item of decoration. Shoes are the major component of fashion. People also wear stylish shoes for fashion. They look gorgeous while wearing stylish shoes. Shoes are usually made up of leather.


             Type of shoes that raise the heel of a wearer higher than the toe. High heels are trending more in today’s fashion. Modern girls wear these type of shoes in any occasion. As we know that shoes represent one’s personality. Girls wearing high heel shoes look more adorable and attractive as it completes one’s look.

            It supports the arch of our foot which can make the foot feel comfortable but if you don’t know how to carry these shoes then it can have reversible effects like a chance of ankle injuries and a change of weight distribution.
         These are a type of shoes which have sole in the form of a wedge. Wedge heels run under the foot from back to front. They have a thicker sole which is much thicker at the back than at the front.  Wedgies are most popular in women because of their design.
       They are available in a variety of heights and styles. They are a fashionable choice . it looks well with all type of dresses like sundress, summer outfit, mini dresses or floor-skimmy gowns.

       Khussa shoes are elegant and comfortable shoes wear by women, usually made up of leather available in different designs and styles. Casual khussa are used in daily life routine or stylish khussa are used in special occasion. Brides use khussa in their wedding or on other special occasions.

      Shoes without heel are called as pumps. It is most popular in women shoes. These are the kind of shoes which are worn by women in everyday routine wether formal or casual. Its style is much more glamorous  and adds a beautiful air of glamor to any outfit.

      It is significantly more comfortable than other shoes. These shoes are definitely the best choice for those women who seem to walk endlessly at work.

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