Space Launch System: NASA’s First Test Flight

Space Launch System: NASA’s First Test Flight
                                                       This space launch system is a heavy launch vehicle designed by NASA. It is a multipurpose crew vehicle. It will carry the Orion. This vehicle is designed in such a way that useable for both crew and cargo. It is an important cargo. It could be used on 36,000 km above the earth, on those orbits which are not accessible to astronauts. It could be used to repair different telecom satellites on different missions.

SLS rocket design is a mixture technology of space shuttle and constellation program. Use of proven hardware and manufacturing technology reduces its operational costs. Its power source is liquid hydrogen and oxygen propulsion system.
  1.  For core stage, it includes space shuttle program of RS-25D/F.
  2. For upper stage, it includes J-2X.

It also has a lift capacity which is 70 metric ton. It is unnamed test flight which will take place in 2017. It is a manned trip around the trip moon, scheduled for 2023. Hope so its payload capacity becomes more advance and reach 130 tons in the early  2030’s.

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