Satellites use to study Exoplanets:

Satellites use to study Exoplanets:
Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS):

It is a space telescope which use transit method to search for extra solar planets. It is equipped with wide angels telescope. It contains 192 megapixels charge couple device detectors. Its two- years all-sky survey focused on stars whose magnitude is brighter than 12 including G and K-type stars. Many earth-sized and large exoplanets are identified. Most of them are investigated by James Web Telescope. By this (TESS) satellite other future missions give us more detail about the size, densities, and masses.

Study Exoplanets Using Cheops Satellite:

European space agency launches a new satellite named Cheops satellite in 2017.this satellite will use to study the exoplanets. Cheops satellite’s mission is to study nearby star system. Its mission lifetime is 3.5 years. It gives accurate information and measurement of these exoplanets because of its power and precision. It measures the:
  1. Radius of planet
  2. Density of planet
  3. Internal structure of planet
  4. It gives a detailed structure of planet and studies of an atmosphere.


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