Different Designs of Nail Art or Nail Painting

                    Nail art is a decoration on finger nails to make them more attractive, adorable and beautiful. It is not only for fun, it’s a style icon. When a person is presentable to represent a fashion, it gives distinct look. Many designs are available in the market ranging from simple to outrageous. You can simply color your nails with different color or you can make  different designs also.

1: Liner brush:
                     Liner brush is used to make different styles of lines on nails.

2: Shader Brush:
                   It is a type of brush which is used for background painting on nails.

3: Fan Brush: 
                  The fan brush is used for making streaks on nails. It is a considered as a great tool for shading.
4: Marbler Brush:
                 It is used for making zigzags or swirls. It blends the color together and an interesting design is made in result.
5: Crooked Detailer Brushes:
                     Crooked detailer is used to paint the fine details and outlines .

6: Detailer Brush:
                     It can be used for intricate work. It is specially used for drawing flowers on nails.
7: Stripper Brush:
                  It is used for creating vertical and horizontal lines on nails. It is a great tool for drawing wisps and netting.

8: Grass Comb Brush:
                This type of brush is used for making grass ,feather and leaves type painting on nails.
9: Angular Brush:
               This type of brush is perfect for creating slants and angled shapes.



       Base coat 
        Top coat
·             Nail paints of different colors
·            Tool use for designing

1.      First of all, apply the base coat.
1.      Apply the color you want then let it dry. When it becomes dry apply a second coat.
1.      Now use a toothpick for designing. Dip a toothpick in another color of nail paint and makes circles. Now dip a toothpick in another color and fill these circles. Now let it dry.

          You can use another method for nail painting. You can also make lines or triangles with a toothpick using different colors instead of circles.

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