China’s moon exploration project:

China’s moon exploration project:
After the success of china’s first lunar lander in 2013, they are going to attempt a more ambitious project known as chang’e 5. It is sample return mission. It will launch in 2017. It will use to bring the rock of moon to earth for study. It has the capacity to obtain 2 kg of rock. This mission has the life of three months.

 This robot has mechanical arm through which it can perform all experiments. It can avoid all obstacles in its way and choose its own root. The equipment fitted in this robot with the suite of the sensor include
  •  cameras
  •  x-rays
  •  infrared spectrometers
  •  ground penetrating radar. 
For night work it contains solar panels and supplementary power. These solar panels are in the form of radioisotope thermoelectric generator system (RTG) and plutonium-238 nuclear battery. China has big plan for this project beyond 2017. They want to build their own space station in 2022 and want to send humans to the moon in 2025. 

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