6 Mistakes Which Girls Make During Hair Styling

6 Mistakes Which Girls Make During Hair Styling

1. Dry hair with towel:

                     After shower, girls dry their wet hair with a towel. Towel promote breakage to their hair as like rough brushing. Because the wet hair is  flaccid and proximate to breakage so they need overly care. Combing the wet hair also cause breakage but if u want to comb while wet, always use tooth comb instead of a brush

2. Use of curler or straightener:

                         We all know that the use of curler or straightener causes severe damage to our hair. Excess use of straightener will fry out the hair. But if u want to use them ,keep in mind the precautionary measures . Don’t turn your tool up to the hottest setting

3. Blow drying:

                  People don’t know the right way to use a blow dry. Never leave the dryer on one position of your hair for faster drying. It can add to much heat.

4. Proper brushing:

                       Proper brushing is very essential for hair. Start brushing towards the bottom. If you start brushing at your root it tangles your hair and promotes breakage.

6. Use of hair spray before styling:

                     When you apply the hair spray before styling (straightening or curling your hair) it makes a sizzling sound which is due to the burning of alcohol in hair spray, when it comes in contact with heat it can cause severe damage. Always use hair sprays after styling is done.

6. Use of gel:

             Sometimes girls use a heavy amount of gel for back combing. Then the wax is required to remove this gell. Wax can cause damage or promotes breakage.

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