5 Accessories Which Makes You More Beautiful And Adorable

                   Those decorative items or things which make you more attractive, convincing and completes your look.

                  It is an ornamental band which one can wear on the wrist. These are made up of metals, plastic leather or sometimes contain shells, pearls or crystals etc. It is an item of adornment closed around the wrist. Those bracelets which are made up of gold, silver brass in many designs look more beautiful and adorable.

                It in an article of jewelry mostly worn by women around the neck. Mostly made up of different metals like gold and silver etc. Diamond necklace is the most beautiful form of necklace which girls desire. Common features of a necklace contain different pearls ,shells or different types of stones.

             It is an ornamental ring or chain which one can wear around the ankle. It is a piece of jewelry which is predominantly a female ornament. It is commonly known as payal or ankle bracelet wear by girls. It has a melody sound.

              A piece of jewelry attached to the earlobe or any external part of a ear. It is worn by both men and women but very common among women. Women wearing ear rings looks adorable.

              People think that pendants and necklace are same but actually not. The necklace is worn around the neck but it is a small piece of jewelry in the form of loose hanging, attached by a small loop to a necklace it is called as a pendant. Pendants are those type of necklace which has a jewel or loop hanging on a chain. Every girls have her own choice but pendants look beautiful in one’s neck. 

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